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Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar

One of the most commonly used applications of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is utility detection and mapping. It has become a regular tool in the arsenal of buried pipe and cable detectors. The GPR method has an advantage over traditional locating devices, as it can also detect non-metallic targets like plastic, concrete, terracotta composite pipes or just about any other material.

Our products can also be used to detect obstacles, shallow bedrock, other pipes, old foundations and debris in front of "Trenchless Technology Piping" and directional drilling operations.

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MALA Easy Locator Pro Ground Penetrating Radar


Ex Tax: $14,240.00

MALA Easy Locator Pro - GPR solution designed for utility mappingThe MALA Easy Locator Pro is an end-to-end, easy-to-use GPR solution designed for utility mapping. It is the first Easy Locator being able to export data to stand-alone software and comes bundled with MALA ObjectMapper Windows software..

Radarteam Cobra Penta Ground Penetrating Radar


Ex Tax: $14,480.00

Just like X-ray and ultrasound can image the inside of your body, the Cobra Locator GPR can be used to image the inside of different materials and structures. The popular GPR unit from Radarteam has been upgraded to include a new patent pending CBD Penta Frequency Antenna which has frequencies rang..

Radiodetection RD1100 Ground Penetrating Radar


Ex Tax: $8,520.00

Radiodetection’s RD1100™ replaces the popular RD1000 and provides high-performance subsurface imaging for buried utilities in a rugged and competitively priced GPR system. Designed for the utility industry, the RD1100 GPR System features a wide-band sensor capable of detecting plastic and ceramic ut..

Radiodetection RD1500 Ground Penetrating Radar


Ex Tax: $12,140.00

RD1500 takes subsurface investigations to the next level, offering users Depth Slices as well as Line Views. These allow the user to review slices of the subsurface at different depths, displaying cables, pipes and other utilities in unprecedented clarity.The RD1500 features internal GPS, on-board W..

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