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Precision Location

Precision Location

Radiodetection, the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of underground pipe and cable locators, is proud to launch the next generation pipe and cable locator products that offer improved performance over the industry standard RD4000™.

The Precision Locate range comprises three locator families: the fully featured, multifunctional, RD8000™ locators, the utility-specific RD7000™+ range and the single frequency RD5000™WL kit. Radiodetection has engineered the RD5000, RD7000 and RD8000 with Centros™, a measurement engine based on more than 30 years of development. Centros delivers a powerful digital platform that can process digital signal data instantly and provide the operator with information that is reliable and accurate.

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Earth Extension Lead Precision


Ex Tax: $30.00

This 10m (33') lead, wound on a convenient spool, is used to extend the direct connection lead earth return connector, when a local earth point cannot be reached or is not suitable...

Earth Stake Precision


Ex Tax: $10.00

This metal stake is inserted into the ground to provide an earth return path for the transmitter signal...

FlexiTrace Precision


Ex Tax: $1,270.00

The Flexitrace is similar in construction to a Flexrod, but the smaller 6.0mm (1/4in) diameter rod has wire conductors running its full length and a transmitting coil at the end. The rod and coil can be energised by a Radiodetection transmitter to enable its location to a maximum depth of 3.0m. By..

Flexrod Precision


Ex Tax: $910.00

The Radiodetection Flexrod is used for pushing sondes into and along sewers, ducts and drains. It is a Glass Fibre rod in a polypropylene sleeve that is resisitant to abrasion, most solvents, oils and acids. The rod has a minumum bend radius of 250mm (10") and at each end a brass collar 62mm (2.44"..

High Strength Magnet Precision


Ex Tax: $10.00

This high strength magnet can be attached to metallic pipes, street furniture, etc., to provide a convenient connection point for the direct connect lead signal connector...

Live Cable Connector Precision


Ex Tax: $280.00

This accessory is used to apply the transmitter signal to live cables. The Live Cable Connector may only be used by suitably qualified personnel.Maximum operating 440Vrms and CAT III rated...

Live Plug Connector Precision


Ex Tax: $190.00

This accessory is used to easily apply a transmitter signal to a street distribution cable using a standard mains socket.Maximum operating voltage 254Vrms and CAT II rated...

Radiodetection Headphones Precision


Ex Tax: $30.00

These headphones can be used with a locator and are recommended for use in noisy environments...

Radiodetection Locator A-Frame Precision


Ex Tax: $380.00

The A-Frame is used for locating sheath faults on cables, and coating defects on pipelines. It provides direction and magnitude of fault information on the display of the locator. The A-Frame can be used with RD7000 TL, RD7000 PL or RD8000 PDL(B) locator. A Tx-5(B) or Tx-10(B) transmitter is also r..

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