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Cable Avoidance (CAT)

Cable Avoidance (CAT)

In an ever more regulated industry, the next generation of Radiodetection Cable Avoidance Tools, C.A.T 4™ and Genny 4™, build on over 30 years of Cable Avoidance expertise to enable operators to find more buried utilities, faster. This fourth generation series replace the popular CAT 3 and Genny 3 range.

These innovative tools have been engineered to deliver a step change in capabilities with minimal change in work practices and training requirements.

The C.A.T4 and Genny4 range is designed to assist in avoiding buried cables and pipes during excavation, reducing the risk of injury to personnel and damage to utilities. The C.A.T4 is designed to detect signals – whether generated by the Genny4, inherently radiating from metallic services, or from the complimentary range of Sondes (Mice) and accessories designed to enable the location of non-conductive services.

CAT4 and Genny4 is Radiodetection’s most advanced Cable Avoidance system to date, designed to deliver optimal performance, higher levels of safety, advanced features and at competitive cost of ownership.

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Cable Detection EZiCAT xf Series


Ex Tax: $940.00

Advanced buried service location technologyThe EZiCAT xf series cable locators represent the latest design in cable location technology. With state‐of‐the art digital signal processing (DSP) and intelligent software, the EZiCAT xf‐Series locators make ground surveys a simple and speedy task; increas..

Cable Detection EZiTEX xf Series Signal Transmitte...


Ex Tax: $870.00

The xf-Series signal transmitters (gennys) are compact, robust and easy to use. They have four frequencies and have been designed to trace buried utilities over long distances in conjunction with the EZiCAT xf-Series cable locators.We would always recommend using a EZiTEX xf-Series signal transmitte..

Dual Frequency Sonde


Ex Tax: $200.00

Dual frequency sonde (8Hz & 33Hz), 38mm diameter transmitter, attachable to drain rods and cameras...

Earth Extension Lead


Ex Tax: $30.00

This 10m (33') lead, wound on a convenient spool, is used to extend the direct connection lead earth return connector, when a local earth point cannot be reached or is not suitable...

Earth Stake


Ex Tax: $10.00

This metal stake is inserted into the ground to provide an earth return path for the Genny signal...

EZiCAT & EZiTEX Carry Bag


Ex Tax: $60.00

Carry bag for the EZiCAT cable locators and EZiTEX signal transmitters...



Ex Tax: $720.00

30m, 50m or 80m flexible trace rod with 12mm Sonde attached. For use with the EZiTEX signal transmitters...



Ex Tax: $1,270.00

The Flexitrace is similar in construction to a Flexrod, but the smaller 6.0mm (1/4in) diameter rod has wire conductors running its full length and a transmitting coil at the end. The rod and coil can be energised by a Radiodetection transmitter to enable its location to a maximum depth of 3.0m. By..



Ex Tax: $910.00

The Radiodetection Flexrod is used for pushing sondes into and along sewers, ducts and drains. It is a Glass Fibre rod in a polypropylene sleeve that is resisitant to abrasion, most solvents, oils and acids. The rod has a minumum bend radius of 250mm (10") and at each end a brass collar 62mm (2.44"..

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