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Leica GHM007 Height Meter


Ex Tax: $20.00

For quick and easy instrument height measurement. The specially scaled tape, accurately displays the height to the centre of the TPS telescope or prism centre. The GHT196 holder is additionally required. Ideal accessory for measuring the instrument or prism height. Easy to use, no calculation neces..

Leica GHT196 Holder for Height Meter


Ex Tax: $10.00

For attachment of the GHM007 height meter to any Leica Geosystems tribrach...

LEICA GZS4-1 HEIGHT HOOK Distance Measuring


Ex Tax: $150.00

Hook for positioning a tape measure directly below the tribrach. Connects to all Leica Geosystems carriers. To precisely measure the height of GNSS antennas and reflectors. With integrated tape measure graduated in mm and inches...

Leica GZS4-1 Height Hook Tape


Ex Tax: $10.00

Replacement measuring tape for the Leica GZS4-1 Height Hook...

Showing 1 to 4 of 4 (1 Pages)