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Precise Levels

Precise Levels

The Precise Levels available are designed by Surveyors and Engineers, who understand the specific requirements needed to perform precision levelling.

Leica’s top-class optical quality and angle measurement with fatigue-free viewing make the NA2 and NAK2 the perfect instrument for use in all types of surveying jobs.

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Leica GPM3 Parallel Plate Micrometer


Ex Tax: $1,280.00

For precise levelling the GPM3 is fitted onto the NA2 or NAK2 telescope objective and locked in position with the knob. By turning the micrometer knob the parallel-sided glass plate is tilted, thereby causing the line of sight to be raised or lowered. The range of displacement is 10mm. On the scal..

Leica NA2 Precise Automatic Level


Ex Tax: $1,800.00

The Leica NA2 meets all the requirements of precision levelling. As soon as it is set-up on a tripod and levelled with the bubble, the automatic compensator ensures that the line of sight is horizontal so that each staff reading is reliable. Leica's top-class optical quality gives the NA 2 a bright..

Leica NAK2 Precise Automatic Level


Ex Tax: $2,940.00

Leica's top-class optical quality gives the NAK2 a bright, erect high contrast image. The NAK2 level has an internal glass circle for reading horizontal angles. Combined with the stadia calculation of distances from staff readings the NAK2 circle adds the application benefit of detail survey work. ..

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