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Additel ADT681-20-GP40K-PSI-AM


Ex Tax: $850.00

Product Highlights Pressure ranges to 36,000 psi (2500 bar) 0.025%, 0.05%, 0.1% or 0.2% FS accuracy % pressure indication with fan-shaped graph scale for visual reference Fully temperature compensated accuracy Panel mount version is available Large, easy to read display with 5-digit resoluti..

Fluke VR1710


Ex Tax: $630.00

Product Highlights Fast and easy recording of voltage trends, dropouts, and power quality – Easily pinpoint the root cause of voltage problems Extremely easy to use – Plug directly into the mains power socket and capture data Continuous recording of all values with no gaps – Save testing time b..

HD Electric DDVM-40


Ex Tax: $990.00

Voltage is displayed on the two large, bright LED displays that can easily be read from a distance or in bright conditions. The two LED displays are synchronized so that the same voltage reading is shown on both displays. Product highlights Measures Voltage from 5V-40kV Oversized, Bright LED Di..

HD Electric DVI-100T/K01


Ex Tax: $670.00

Product Highlights For use on system voltages up to 161kV (99kV line-to-ground maximum) Large auto-ranging LED display indicates the line-to-ground voltage level Audible indication of voltage detected Voltage readout allows user to distinguish between nominal and induced voltage levels Use on..

HD Electric DVM-25T


Ex Tax: $750.00

Product Highlights Range 0-25 Length with OH Probe 18" Capacitive test point mode Hotstick required RMS voltage measurements up to 80kV AC/DC Large auto-ranging LCD (models DVM-I through DVM-V) Back lit display for low light conditions Coiled connecting cord is standard Peak hold and trac..

HD Electric DVM-80UVK


Ex Tax: $1,720.00

Product Highlights Perform voltmeter and phasing operations for virtually all overhead & underground applications Take measurements on secondary voltages starting at 5 Volts Take measurements on primary voltages up to 80 Kilovolts Take measurements on elbow test points with Test Point Feature ..

HD Electric MARK VI


Ex Tax: $1,470.00

Product Highlights Range 0-5/0-15/ 0-45 Length w/Overhead Probe 23" (58cm) Hotsticks Required Large 3" meter face for easy reading Coiled connecting cord is standard Strain relief fittings at end of cords reduce cable damage..

HD Electric PRM-100


Ex Tax: $1,370.00

Product Highlights Determine phase rotation up to 45kV Large 3" meter face for easy reading and increased accuracy Strain relief fittings reduce cable damage at point of highest stress Includes universal splines for hot stick attachment Adaptable for underground applications with optional bus..

HD Electric TAG-5000


Ex Tax: $2,040.00

Product Highlights Range of operation is more than 33' through the air - over 1,000' along overhead conductors No connecting cord between transmitter and receiver Built-in universal splines for hotstick attachment Rugged and lightweight design Both transmitter and receiver powered by 9V alkal..

Showing 1 to 9 of 24 (3 Pages)