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Our vast inventory of electrical test equipment features the latest advancements and the trusted brands that electricians, engineers and technicians rely on every day. We have multifunctional megohmmeters and advanced multimeters. Our high voltage instruments, insulation testers, voltage detectors, battery testers, cable tracers, clamp-ons, and other devices are built for performance and safety by leaders such as Extech, Amprobe, Fluke and Megger. Using our instruments, you can diagnose electrical problems due to grounding or identify product insulation issues.

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8.5d DMM w/8K Memory 2002


Ex Tax: $5,320.00

Product Highlights Bezel provides flange for flush mounting in panel. Clear plastic face is highly resistant to breakage. Provides undistorted viewing of pointer and scale. Precision litho-printed scale is accurate and easy to read. Red tipped pointer of heat treated aluminum tubing is easy to..

Additel ADT681-20-GP40K-PSI-AM


Ex Tax: $850.00

Product Highlights Pressure ranges to 36,000 psi (2500 bar) 0.025%, 0.05%, 0.1% or 0.2% FS accuracy % pressure indication with fan-shaped graph scale for visual reference Fully temperature compensated accuracy Panel mount version is available Large, easy to read display with 5-digit resoluti..

AEMC 6240


Ex Tax: $1,660.00

Product Highlights Reliable low resistance measurements Four-terminal Kelvin resistance measurement eliminates test lead resistance 1A test current at up to 4O .25% basic accuracy 1 micro-ohm resolution Direct reading, easy to operate Six selectable resistance ranges Reverse polarity switc..

AEMC 6250


Ex Tax: $2,280.00

Product Highlights AEMC Model # 6250 Catalog # 2129.81 Measures from 0.0001mÙ (0.1µÙ resolution) to 2500.0Ù Test current selection of 1mA, 10mA, 100mA, 1A and 10A RTD temperature probe to check tested sample (optional) Selectable metal types Automatic and manual temperature correction EMF l..



Ex Tax: $310.00

Product Highlights Indicates all common wiring faults including split pairs, shorts, opens, reversed pairs and crossed wires Unique graphical and digital display of fault information and length Indicates distances to opens and shorts and identifies locations Built-in tone generator for tracing..



Ex Tax: $1,720.00

Product Highlights Ratio Testing: PT/VT from 0.8000:1 to 8000:1 and CT from 0.8000 to 1000.0 (Auto-Ranging)  Tests performed by exciting the primary and reading the secondary; provides safer conditions for the operator on step-down transformers Continuity test indicates open or loose (high..

Amprobe AT-2005-A


Ex Tax: $590.00

Product Highlights Traces live wires buried or hidden behind walls up to 13 feet deep Traces unenergized and open (broken) wires Performs tests without having to interrupt power Locates and traces wires in walls, floors, conduit, computer cables, etc. Locates breakers, neutral and ground line..

Amprobe AT-3500


Ex Tax: $1,470.00

Product Highlights Locates underground energized and de-energized wires, cables and pipes Three testing modes for best accuracy – Passive Power (50 / 60 Hz), Passive Radio (RF), Active T-3500 signal generator with induction mode or directly connected to the cable with test leads or optional clam..

Amprobe AT-4005


Ex Tax: $580.00

Product Highlights Locates and traces energized and de-energized wires in walls, floors, plastic conduit, cable shields, and computer cables, without interrupting power Uses one universal transmitter that automatically switches to work with either energized or de-energized systems Comes with a ..

Showing 1 to 9 of 342 (38 Pages)